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Café Africa

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Unlocking Africa's wealth through its coffee.

Reviving the coffee sector represents a uniquely powerful lever to increase rural incomes and unlock wealth in Africa.

  • In Africa’s 25 coffee producing countries, it is estimated that over 40 million people (Jobin: 1992) depend on coffee to a greater or lesser extent for their livelihood.
  • Created in 2006, Café Africa aims to seize the opportunity of both the increasing global coffee demand and the Africa’s production potential to contribute to the sustainable alleviation of rural poverty.
  • Coffee as a cash crop has the potential to unlock wealth in rural areas across Africa and to provide sustainable livelihoods for millions. We believe that problems of widespread rural poverty and food insecurity could be addressed through the revitalization of a sector which was the second source of foreign exchange earnings for Africa less than thirty years ago.
  • To this end, Café Africa initiates and supports the definition and implementation of national coffee sector stategies at the invitation of national authorities and the coffee industry.  
  • The pivotal idea is to set up a multi-stakeholder process including all members of the coffee value chain and to aim for sector change.The objective is to support this process through its early years, as the key elements of shared vision, collaborative working, and a joint approach to the challenges of improving productivity and quality become anchored in the sector’s approach and values.